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In Praise of Frugal Men (and Frogs)

Once upon a time I kissed a frog --a "frugal frog" to be exact-- and after puckering up with that croaker I never looked back. Frugalfrog lives in a lovely half-gambrel Cape Cod in a pokey New England town. Across the road lies a wetland area and at night the frog song can be deafening, especially in springtime when the peepers are strutting their stuff.

My regular readers know I am at present a city girl but that I frequently hop out to Frugalfrog's pad for a little countryside r&r and --oh okay, I'm sure you already have surmised my boyfriend isn't actually a frog but if people really do have spirit animals then you can bet his hops and catches flies! He has loved frogs and other amphibians since he was a kid, protecting their habitats from pollution is an important cause to him, and more than once we have left a restaurant after seeing grenouille on the menu. Therefore he is perfectly delighted to have frogs for neighbors. He is also a very fiscally-consc…

Green Thumbs Make for Good Friends!

Greetings, Shoestringers! I hope this post finds you savoring the simple life and appreciating abundance. Today I come bearing roses --all because a good friend of mine showed me the same kindness yesterday! Instagram followers of @shoestringsally will recall the pictures I posted of my friend Dave's beautiful flower garden. Since I last cataloged his vibrant array of tulips, everything's been coming up roses and since I won't be able to check them out during their peak he brought me a lovely fresh-cut bouquet! It certainly cheered up my day and I learned an interesting thing or two from my green-thumbed chum.
Unfortunately it does not look like I share my buddy's knack for flower growing. The mixed seeds I planted out in the country have given bloom to a hearty bed of dirt. I was a swell enough gardener growing up in Pennsylvania with its rich dark soil but even with reinforcements from the gardening store I have not had much luck with this sandy New England stuff. S…