Country Escapes: It's So Easy Being Green

We all need the occasional escape from our everyday environments but this is doubly true for those of us who spend most of our time in cities. My city is pretty green as cities go and I'm lucky that I have my Frugalfrog to visit, but Frugalfrog's house is in a countryish yet still sorta suburbanish area. It's pretty country by my standards but we can still see the neighbors. So it was a real treat when we visited friends this past July 4th who live even further away from town. Would I be happy living full time on a couple dozen acres with my nearest neighbors out of sight? Maybe. I don't really know! But I do know that visiting such places is soothing medicine for the city-sick soul. Here's a hearty dose for those of you stuck in Gotham.

Find places to visit that require a trip through the trees, the wooded lanes and winding roads.

Is there anything lovelier than a white New England farm house with a bright red door? I think not.

I tried to get shots of all the colorful meadow birds but they were too quick for me! Rustic wooden birdhouses dot the landscape at my friends' country sanctuary.

Reuse! Repurpose! Recycyle! Parts scavenged from old farm equipment make a striking holder for these bird feeders:

Taking time to take a breath, to drink in this lovely land still teeming with trees and rolling hills is the perfect way to celebrate July 4th, don't you think?

 But whatever country you call home, go seek out the countryside. ;-)
Happy summer!


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