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Simple Gifts & Gratitude: The Miraculous Honey Bee

My summer breakfast favorite of Greek yogurt, berries and walnuts is tinged with touches of sweet golden autumn --Autumn Morning honey from Barre, MA that is. Dear patient Shoestringers, I bring you the bees at last! This post was supposed to debut last week but the vengeful tech gods intervened: one dead Macbook Pro and a mad scramble to extract my hard drive files and secure a backup PC later, here we are, back buzzing away at a keyboard and ready to focus on something a little less mechanical but doubly miraculous. Honey, that sustaining wonder, and the animals that create it have been everywhere I look lately, and I don't just mean the little workers buzzing away in my black eyed Susan patch. Honey bees, and their struggles and triumphs, keep finding ways to fly into my consciousness these past several weeks and with it I have renewed gratitude for the service they provide our ecosystem, as well as our breakfast tables.

First, a good friend showed me this documentary about ho…

Lamby Pie Superstar (a Shoestring Sally Update)

Update: shortly after this post was published, Lamby Pie's original feature Vintage Toy Treasure Found did indeed make our Top Ten list!!! YAY! Congrats, Lamby. xoxo Sally

Well, Shoestringers, it looks like last year's post Vintage Toy Treasure Found is on its way to joining my Top Ten most popular posts list (see right sidebar). The story of how my mother hunted down a long lost childhood toy of mine may not have made the Top Ten yet but I daresay that will change sometime over the next year because I am still getting hits practically every day from people doing internet searches for the clearly beloved Lamby Pie stuffed toy, manufactured by the Knickerbocker Toy Company. Some readers have been kind enough to leave comments detailing their own childhood memories of Lamby, while others have reached out via email and social media. I must say the small buzz my little lamb causes is very sweet and I am so happy my story and pictures have been so warmly received. And what does Lam…