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Shoestring Musings: When Going After It All = Getting Nothing

Stephanie German's article You Can’t Do It All: Live a Purposeful, Prioritized Life struck a cord with me today. I do not have children so I can't relate to that particular ball in Ms. German's juggling act but my arms ache in sympathy nonetheless. We've been saying ease up on the pressure for awhile now, haven't we? Over the last decade there's been much public flouting of second wave feminism's "have it all" mantra and many have been clamoring for a more balanced, less oppressive paradigm but are we just paying lip service to the middle path but not walking it? I think I am. I may acknowledge that doing it all and having it all is unrealistic but that doesn't seem to keep me from unconsciously striving for it, and in the end I fear I'm accomplishing even less than if I didn't try to be so accomplished. My life feels more multi-tasked out of existence than purpose-driven. Too many newly-acquired skills. Too many projects. Too much da…

Let's Go On An Adventure: My Fall Color Palette

Let's go on an adventure this fall. Let's not see autumn as the dying of summer's light but the sparking of winter's fires! Let's start new projects and enliven old ones this blog! Remember when I used to write every day, Shoestringers? I don't blame you if you can't. It has been a long time since those days! But I would like to kick production up a notch or two again. This October I'm thinking I need to let the excuses fall by the wayside with the turning leaves, and this puckish greeting card I found the other day at Trader Joe's has provided me with a new mantra. I can definitely relate to that sweet autumnal miss taking the world by storm on her trike with friends in tow. The artwork by Sabine Reinhart also beautifully encapsulates the colors of fall that are stirring up my creative imagination. (An aside to all stationery lovers on a shoestring budget, I urge you to check out the 99 cent cards at TJ's. Doesn't it look like some…