Let's Go On An Adventure: My Fall Color Palette

The colors of a season are beautifully captured here by artist Sabine Reinhart.
Find this greeting card and more at your local Trader Joe's.
Let's go on an adventure this fall. Let's not see autumn as the dying of summer's light but the sparking of winter's fires! Let's start new projects and enliven old ones ...like this blog! Remember when I used to write every day, Shoestringers? I don't blame you if you can't. It has been a long time since those days! But I would like to kick production up a notch or two again. This October I'm thinking I need to let the excuses fall by the wayside with the turning leaves, and this puckish greeting card I found the other day at Trader Joe's has provided me with a new mantra. I can definitely relate to that sweet autumnal miss taking the world by storm on her trike with friends in tow. The artwork by Sabine Reinhart also beautifully encapsulates the colors of fall that are stirring up my creative imagination. (An aside to all stationery lovers on a shoestring budget, I urge you to check out the 99 cent cards at TJ's. Doesn't it look like something you'd spend four or five bucks on at Paper Source?) 

I also like the illustration's nods of darkness for it is a complex color palette that calls to me right now: from the aubergine eggplant hues of my old flannel sheets to my new cable knit sweater the color of the darkest spruce needles I'm drawn to the shadows behind the fiery leaves. Mustards and umbers, carmines and mauves, greens so deep and muddied they look grey and vice versa... riches layered upon riches! Fabrics of substance and intricacy come to mind: wool and flannel, lace and canvas. It's the type of fall that screams for oxblood leather accessories (nothing creamy pale please) and the deepest dijon suede. It is a time for blood red mums and burnished ambition.


  1. Anonymous10/21/2015

    I was also thinking about autumn colors recently. I like to sit in my backyard and it is beautiful right now. I planted purple mums.

    1. Purple mums! Sounds lovely. :) Purple may not be one of the first colors that spring to most minds when they think of fall but I definitely welcome the return of rich plum tones and dusty lavenders after the whites and brights of summer.


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