A Belated Halloween Treat: Barbara's Vintage Costume

Dearest Shoestringers, I wish I had discovered this picture in time to to post it for Halloween but I only noticed it today! My father's dear cousin Barbara posted this snap on her Facebook page this past All Hallow's Eve and it is so adorable I simply must share it with you. After all, us Shoestringers love vintage fashions and hand-me-down treasures! Luckily Barbara is a loyal fan of my little blog shoestringsally.com and gave me her full blessing to share it with you today:

Vintage Halloween costume, 1946 or 1947.

This picture was taken around the time Barbara was in 6th grade, either 1946 or 1947 by her estimation. She told me she thinks the dress was her grandmother's, late Victorian or early Edwardian would be my best guess though the daring peep-toe pumps look a tad more contemporary! Looking at this photograph I do so envy that Barbara grew up at a time when her family hand-me-downs were so beautifully and intricately made, elegant and full of history. But that's quite a saucy pose young lady! I doubt granny would have shown that much leg. ;-) But then again, Halloween is a night when we all can be just a teensy bit bad. Thank you so much for sharing, Barbara!



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