Healing Colors: Living in the Pink!

It's been a little over two weeks since I recounted my stylish adventure at Club Monaco and I have really been struggling during this time: I hurt my foot, or rather I re-injured my foot, for this is a sudden recurrance of an old problem. Pain management has dominated my days and unfortunately a recent cortisone shot from my doctor has had little effect. I have to wear a terribly unfashionable night splint and I am clomping about the house in Birkenstocks as it is the only footwear that isn't aggravating things. In short, it has been a bother! Coupled with the tragic events that have been playing out on the news lately it's been hard for me to keep my chin up. But one must, and I've been thinking a lot about how we can hold on to health and happiness.

Ever since last week's horrible attacks in Paris and Beirut, I've been reflecting a lot on the power of color and what colors I instinctively turn to in dark, disheartening times. Overwhelmingly I have been gravitating towards pink. The Saturday after the Paris attacks I spent much of the day glued to the news --yes I'm one of those people! When tragedy strikes I devour the news networks. I heard someone theorize that it's a coping mechanism, a way of getting things to sink in. All I know is by afternoon I needed the warm embrace of healing colors around me.

Embrace the pink!
While out shopping, I found my eyes drawn to cheery glass bottles of this rose-colored lemonade drink and I spent a long time savoring bright bundles of pink roses at the florist. I was hungry for pink. Mad for pink! Back home, I lit a large rosey-pink floral candle and basked in its maternal glow.  Right then and there I needed pink and its positive associations of love, of hugs, of plump, plush peonies and sweet tea roses, of mother's hearts and soft kisses.

Pink is a color I have made peace with in recent years. You see, I had turned on pink. And can you blame me? Every "thinking" woman rebels against pink at some point, feeding off the intellectual's pink backlash. Pink: a sophmoric, bimbo-esque, oppressive enforcer of gender roles! Fight the Barbie! Fight pinkification! And aren't we sick of all that pinkwashing in support of breast cancer charities? We've gotten very cynical about pink, haven't we? Well this week pink has kept me sane.

Fill the dark times with light!
Pink can be strength. Pink can be warmth. Pink can be the soft, fuzzy sweater that protects you from the cold. This week I realized that a yearning for pink is a signal to take care of myself, to mother myself a bit more. It's all about balance. When the world around you is too cold and dark, call upon your warm power colors. And pink can be powerful!

So if the news is getting you down, or like me you're struggling with a health matter, or maybe the weather has just given you the blues bring a little pink into your life: a flower, a candle, an article of clothing. Anything! Just think a little pink today. You deserve it.



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