Shoestring Sally

Shoestring Sally is a plucky gal making her way in the metro money trap she most lovingly calls Haute Hooverville, U.S.A, and Shoestring Sally is the name of her blog! Sally started the blog in 2011 under the name Shoestring News. In its early days the main focus of the site was how to scrape by beautifully on a shoestring budget but it has since evolved to embrace a more expansive, less scarcity-focused take on modern life. Here at Shoestring Sally we may not be millionaires but we are rich in spirit! We believe that elegance resides at every income, crafting a life marked by beauty and style need not break the bank, and there is joy and magic to be found in the simple things.

As for Sally she is a hoot and a half known to over-indulge in old timey slang and tulsi tea. A self-proclaimed "Jill of all trades, mistress of none," Sally has tread the boards as an actress in everything from musicals to Shakespeare; appeared in one television program and several short films no one has ever heard of; rode the rails cross-country for the hell of it not once but four times; wasted away a couple of years working as a casino hostess in the tawdry underbelly of Reno, Nevada; reinvented herself as a serious academic --a film historian & researcher of Polish cinema no less; shaped (aka warped) impressionable young minds as a college instructor; launched a small exhibition of her photography; returned to the stage a few times as a torchy cabaret chanteuse... and most recently learned how to code websites for yuks. Off the blog she writes fiction and is a freelance journalist.

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